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Equip leaders to reduce turnover with dynamic keynotes & training from Magnet Culture.

The Blueprint for a High-Performance Organization

Avoid the Death-Spiral
of Turnover

Steer clear of the vicious cycle of turnover and build a stable, engaged workforce that drives success and exceeds customer expectations with our transformative retention strategies.

Build Successful Leaders

Develop exceptional leaders who inspire, motivate, and retain strong talent. Our tailored programs empower your leaders with the skills and mindset to foster a culture of growth, engagement, and long-term success.

Create a Magnetic Culture

Unlock the power of effective leadership. Attract and retain great talent with a magnetic culture that celebrates individual contributions, fosters collaboration, and promotes a sense of purpose.

The High Cost

The worst place your business can be is caught in the “death-spiral of employee turnover.”

Are you there or are you headed there now?

You’re understaffed because employees don’t stay. Then the ones who do become overworked, overwhelmed, and burned out, so they start walking out the door.

At that point, no one can keep their head above water.

With average turnover costs well over $5000 per lost employee, it’s costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars, sleepless nights, missed goals, and eventually, client satisfaction.

You’ve got a problem. Magnet Culture has a solution.

Visit the Magnet Vault and download the Cost of Turnover Calculator to determine how much unnecessary turnover is costing your organization!

A Workforce Futurist with a Modern Strategy

Today’s workforce is changing rapidly. Our training evolves with the changes and is developed with an eye on the future. Magnet Culture training programs help equip leaders with the mindset they need to bridge generational gaps and other workforce retention challenges.

A Proven Approach to Reducing Turnover

Our proven approach focuses on understanding the unique needs of your organization and equipping your leaders with the tools and strategies they need to create a culture that engages and inspires. Our tailored solutions have empowered organizations to navigate the challenges of the modern workforce and build a foundation for lasting success.

A Retention Roadmap

Magnet Culture offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help organizations overcome the challenges of employee turnover, disengagement, and ineffective leadership.
We offer facilitated training, keynote presentations, assessments, and access to our Magnet Culture Vault to provide ongoing support to your organization.

Do you have your finger on the pulse

Turnover is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

To thrive, organizations need long-term culture change, not short-lived initiatives.

Magnet Culture offers you the tools and training you need to get there.

Starting a Retention Revolution for Audiences Around the World

There’s A Solution


We get it. Today’s workforce challenges are worse than ever before. As workforce futurists, we saw the turnover crisis coming and literally wrote the book on it in 2018.

At Magnet Culture, we are the authority in helping you regain control and build a thriving workforce. With our award-winning approach to creating a sustainable retention roadmap and our deep understanding of today’s workforce challenges, we have been at the forefront of teaching organizations how to overcome the turnover crisis for over a decade.

Al Cornish

Magnet Culture’s no non-sense approach to employee retention is both refreshing and realistic. Their strategies identify some very simple, realistic and cost-effective approaches that an employer can execute today to attract and retain their talent.

Kelly Murphy

The message Magnet Culture shared is making me drastically better at my job.

Michael R. Hinton

The Magnet Culture message has led to better communication, increased focus on the things that really matter, and more tolerance for the things that don’t.

Sophia Fischer

The interactive and enlightening presentation was tailored perfectly to our team. We each walked away with a broader understanding of workforce retention challenges and specific action items we can tackle to improve our organization.

Kristine Mellgren

“The Magnet Culture workshop was really eye-opening for us because we could say, ‘Ok. Over the past three years, 54% of our new people don’t even make it to six months.’ We’re now tracking that quarterly, and in this last quarter, we’ve seen a 10% improvement on our new hires staying past that 6-month mark.”

Max Langenkamp

“Over the past few years, Magnet Culture has been a frequent presenter at our company. They have helped us to develop an entirely new paradigm for how we approach employee engagement and retention. Magnet Culture makes a compelling case for why business leaders must embrace new mindsets and evolve in order to attract and retain a talented workforce while also explaining the inherent risks associated with refusing to accept this new way of thinking. ”

The key to a successful retention strategy is just a call away.

Outstanding speakers and trainers, plus a talented behind-the-scenes team, ensure a successful program…every time!

Download this guide and uncover the five mistakes your managers make that drive employees away…and what to do about it.

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