5 Phone Tips When You Call a Recruiter

Let’s talk about the art of speaking on the phone. It’s called an “art” for a reason. Some of us are masters at it, others… not so much. Whether it be a candidate calling to check on a position or someone simply asking how to apply, we get some unprofessional calls from time to time. For example, I received a call from an individual that went something like this… Erin: Hello, thanks for calling! How may I help you? Caller: Ummm yea, I saw a position open… Erin: Okay, can you tell me which one? Caller: I don’t know, something about customer service? Erin: Well, we have quite a few different positions, can you clarify? Caller: I don’t know, I saw it on Indeed. Erin: Okay, well what is your question? Caller: Ugh… Can you just tell me who to send my resume too? Erin: It depends on the recruiter working the position ma’am. Caller: Can you just give me a name? Erin: How about I just give you a website…. Clearly this is NOT the best first impression or way to approach a position. You never know if you are going to be speaking to the receptionist, hiring manager, or CEO of a company when you pick up the phone, so let’s talk about some ways you can avoid this major pitfall! Phone Talk 101

  1. If you are calling an organization or a recruiter about an open position or need clarification about the application process, be prepared. Know exactly what the position is and where you saw it posted. Recruiters use a wide variety of job boards and often we can get confused and will need this information to help you!
  2. When someone answers the phone, clearly introduce yourself and your need or question right off the bat. For example, “Hi! My name is Erin and I saw the position posted online for a customer service rep and had a question about formally applying. Who would I speak to about this issue?”
  3. Don’t ever talk over the person when they are speaking. Pause and wait for them to finish before speaking again.
  4. If you are calling to follow up about a position, be well prepared and speak eloquently. I recommend asking about the company’s hiring process so you know what to expect in the future in case they do call you. For example, “Hi! I am calling because I submitted my resume for the Customer Service position. Can you give me a little more information about the hiring process and your company?”
  5. Finally, keep the conversation short and simple. If you do speak with a recruiter on the phone, there is no need to bombard us with tons of personal information.  Be concise and keep in mind that this is a professional conversation so lots of personal unrelated details can be unnecessary.

Author: Erin Stevens is a Recruiter for Talis Group, Inc, a full service boutique staffing firm. She is also a Millennial, a member of Indiana SHRM (Society of HR Managers), and has a Masters degree in Human Resources. If you are looking for positions or need to hire an employee in Legal, HR, Accounting, Engineering, Manufacturing or IT please forward your resume or contact her at [email protected].

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