Questions You Can’t Ask About Your Staff

Questions For Your Employees

Cara answers the workforce questions you might get in trouble for asking at the office. Do you have your own nagging questions about working with your staff? Submit it here!

Q: So how do we mentor a Millennial to understand that “YOLO” is not feasible?

A: Encourage them to think like a manager. Have authentic conversations with them and respectfully ask “would you want to manage you?”

How can we meet the demands and needs of our customers if we’re focused on ourselves more than the services we’re providing? We have to help Millennial staff see through a different lens they’ve never thought about before. They won’t change their tune overnight — it will take time to sink in. (And some won’t grasp it at all, I’m afraid.) Most young workers don’t know what they don’t know, so if this is a new concept for them it’ll be tough for them to think of others before themselves. It’s also harder for them to think long-term vs. short-term – which comes much more naturally. Leaders have to take them under their wing and build a genuine relationship with them to create trust. They’ll listen, but they often want to be heard first – so ask lots of questions about how/why they do what they do before judging!

How do you handle the frustrating employee quirks in your office? If you’re stumped about a workforce issue, Cara is ready for your brutally honest questions! Contact us here today!

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