Stop Hiring Recruiters When You Really Need A Retention Specialist!

If employee retention is a major issue for your organization, why are you hiring an additional recruiter? Why put a bandage on the issue by adding to the recruiting team, when “recruiting the wrong people” is only a tiny part of the real causes for increased turnover? Instead, consider hiring and empowering a Retention Specialist (or Director) to own the staffing issues, determine why people leave (and stay) and implement new initiatives for improved retention.

Increased turnover is causing a ton of extra hiring churn today, so it’s a natural reaction to think the organization needs another recruiter with all these open positions to fill. And executives know the basics of what a recruiter does, so it’s pretty easy to get approval for that role if you have lots of candidates who need to be screened. What we find is most leaders don’t know what a Retention Specialist is (or could be), so it’s a harder sell to get the budget for that role, when it’s tied to overhead costs.

To help everyone better understand the potential for a position such as this, we’ve created a very basic, sample job description for the role, which you’re welcome to take, tweak, share with others…whatever you want!

Our goal is to help companies resolve the real issues behind increased employee turnover, instead of creating more recruiting jobs that aren’t going to solve the problem. Are you serious about reducing employee turnover? We can help!

PS – We support hiring recruiters when that’s a role you truly need!

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