Now you can look forward to your next long drive! Listen in to our newest interviews for insights on today’s workforce challenges and game-changing retention advice.

1. “Change Your Mindset” Podcast TOPIC: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer No more mandatory Saturdays and unlimited PTO?! Hear Peter and Cara’s lively discussion of strategies accounting firms are using to keep staff longer.

2. “Mere Mortals Unite” Podcast TOPIC: Understanding Why a Different Perspective is OK Ever said, “I can’t understand how anyone would think that way?” Cara joins Julie Ann to share how learning why people think differently leads to stronger connections and greater success.

3. “Bridge the Gap” Podcast (for senior living professionals) TOPIC: Labor Retention Strategies “Good RETENTION is the best recruiting tool.” – Cara Silletto Millennial turnover is one of the top struggles today, but what can be done to retain those who show up with no loyalty and a whole lot of entitlement? Listen as Cara, Josh, and Lucas discuss where to go from here.

4. “Stenographers World Radio” Podcast TOPIC: Solving Generational Issues in the Workplace No industry is immune to generational conflict! And this discussion, between Cara and Al Betz applies to every field- not just stenographers. In their conversation, Cara gives practical strategies for attracting and retaining Millennial employees as well as insights on how to help a very diverse workforce all get along.

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