By Cara Silletto, MBA In my mind, gratefulness and frustration are at two different ends of one spectrum. If you feel one, it’s difficult to feel the other at the same time, and people land – at any given moment – somewhere on the spectrum between the two extremes. I see this both in personal […]

Has your organization ever thought about putting together a business book club for your employees or your management team? Or do you have one in place already? Well, we’ve got the perfect book for your group’s next selection. “Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave and How to Keep Them Longer” by Cara Silletto is a

We all understand the concept of a buyer’s market vs. seller’s market in real estate. Typically, one side or the other has an advantage as the housing market and/or economy shifts over time. The same is true for the workforce. At any given time, we’re either in an employer’s market or an employee’s market, and

When I was 24, I applied for a VP spot at my company. Seriously. After two years at the company, I put my hat in the ring to be on the leadership team. My boss at the time easily could have laughed in my face, but instead, he sat down with me to discuss the

By Cara Silletto, MBA, Magnet Culture High employee turnover can be affected by a myriad of factors – you know this. But no matter the company, the most beneficial place to start with retention efforts resides at the top: Improving management effectiveness. You can find the best talent, put all your effort into hiring, and

By Cara Silletto, MBA, Magnet Culture Improving recruiting efforts alone will not fix a company’s employee retention issues. A company’s first efforts in reducing unnecessary employee turnover should always start with the reasons people are leaving. If companies focus on gaining greater staffing stability and keeping the employees they have, over time there will be

By Cara Silletto, MBA, Magnet Culture As companies prepare and adapt for the shorter-term workforce today, onboarding becomes an even more crucial piece to the retention puzzle. An evaluation and potential revamp of your orientation and onboarding processes may be critical for greater staffing stability moving forward. Before Day One Even before day one on

By Cara Silletto, MBA, Magnet Culture It’s no secret that the world we live in (especially when it comes to the workforce) is constantly evolving. We find that oftentimes, the ways companies have been run successfully in the past no longer align with the needs and expectations of today’s new workforce. So to keep up,

By Cara Silletto, MBA, Magnet Culture Reducing employee turnover demands an investment of time, talent, and dollars. But it also requires companies to stop playing the blame game. It’s time to take responsibility for turnover problems and build a company culture that puts retention at the forefront. Problems with employee turnover require a multi-level fix,

By Cara Silletto, MBA, Magnet Culture Today’s new workforce does not blindly trust leadership: companies have to work for it. That mindset stems from a few things. Millennials (born 1981-1996) have grown up surrounded by a 24/7 news cycle and more information than ever about people in leadership positions taking advantage of their power. So

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