Crescendo Strategies is now Magnet Culture

My professional mission in life has always been to help people and businesses grow. That is why the name Crescendo Strategies made sense when I created my company in 2012. Crescendo is a musical term meaning “to progressively grow in intensity” and it fit the approach I had planned since I wasn’t yet sure how exactly I would help people and businesses reach their full potential.

Over the next several years, I became an expert in addressing generational dynamics in the workplace and then expanded our programs to encompass all things retention answering the questions, why do people leave (not just Millennials) and how can companies keep people longer? Once we started down that path, business exploded as we had cracked the code on a costly problem business leaders were facing daily.

As we evolved our services, the “growth” representation of a crescendo was harder to align with our expertise of retention. (Not to mention, our clients struggled to say, spell and remember the word crescendo.) Hence, the “magnet” imagery was born. When I wrote my book, “Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer,” in 2018, we knew we needed a framework into which we could put our plethora of retention strategies and we decided the acronym M.A.G.N.E.T. would help employers assess and prioritize their efforts to become a more attractive place to work. It worked and our M.A.G.N.E.T. model now stands for:

  • Management Effectiveness
  • Attraction & Recruiting
  • Guidance Upon Entry (Onboarding)
  • New Staffing Models (Advancement)
  • Empowering Retention Champions
  • Trust Through Transparency

In 2020, we decided it was time to embrace the Magnet approach wholeheartedly and chose the new company name Magnet Culture because our work shift manager mindsets and behavior, which creates a stronger, more positive environment and culture for our clients.

We owe a huge thank you to everyone who has worked with us, supported us, mentored us and referred us. Magnet Culture is a powerful blend of relevant content and dynamic delivery. We are poised for tremendous growth in 2021, as retention and culture will remain a top priority for organizations that need to keep the talent they can no longer afford to lose.

Take a look around our new site to explore the expanded programming we’ve added in recent months!

— Cara Silletto, MBA, CSP

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