How Do I Make My Managers More Effective?

The 3 Keys to Increasing Management Effectiveness to Reduce Turnover

Have you ever sat on a 3-legged stool with only two legs? No, of course not – it’s a silly question. Why? Because if you sit on a 3-legged stool with only 2 legs, you and your efforts fall flat.

It’s the same in an organization missing any of the three vital components to management effectiveness: data, time, and proper training. With only one or two “legs”, a business will either execute poorly, miss the mark, or operate with good intentions only. However, with all three, leaders will hit that desired golden standard of management effectiveness. And at Magnet Culture, we know that management effectiveness is the key to reducing employee turnover.

1. Managers need valid data.

Leaders must get to know their people. Leaders and front-line workers live in completely different worlds. What keeps them up at night is drastically different than the managers. What are they worried about? What motivates them to come to work every day? Know their stressors. Know their motivators. Managers can adapt and be more strategic on retention tactics when they know their people.

Action: Build a retention task force or hire someone full or part time whose job is to specialize in retention alone. They will work with managers to zero in on what the employees’ true needs are and what will keep them longer. 

2. Managers need time.

Managers must get back some of their time. This probably seems nearly impossible, but a reprioritization or trimming down of responsibilities needs to happen for these managers to properly lead. They will be much more effective at fewer tasks and responsibilities. After years and years of creating lean workplaces, the workforce is strained by attempting to do more with less.

Action: Job prune! Look at your managers job requirements. Is there something they are doing that someone else can do? Take a little off here and there, and down the road you’ll see the blossom come.

3. Managers need proper training.

Managers need the proper tools and competencies to effectively lead beyond the technical skill set of just doing the job. They need self-awareness so they can communicate well. They need to be able to provide feedback. The list goes on. A great leader will be able to flex, recognize a job well done, and buffer various issues the front-line staff may be having. The right training will help managers mitigate risk before employees start walking out the door. 

Word of caution – the training program you choose is only worth it if you’ve decided on one with proven, effective, and relevant leadership techniques and strategies. The workforce has evolved, and therefore, so have the keys for success. 

And here’s the good news – we’ve got one of those!

Action: Contact us to see if what we do for our clients would work for you! Our Workforce Retention Bootcamp is a result-driven management training program that is hyper-focused on retaining the employees your organization can’t afford to lose.

So here’s the deal. Looking at those three “legs” that managers must have to be successful, we know that effective organizations are giving their leaders what they need – data, time, and training. Companies that are doing well with retention and are stable today are absolutely hyper-focused on management effectiveness and the paths to get there. Don’t let the stool fall over!

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