3 Immediately Actionable Retention Strategies

With all the unique pressures facing you as a leader today, finding time and budget for large-scale retention efforts may be unrealistic. However, without any consideration towards keeping your employees, turnover will likely worsen. Thankfully, in addition to large-scale investments, like leadership training and courses, smaller investments in your employees can go a long way. Here are three immediately actionable, realistic retention strategies you can put into effect today:

1. Listen to your people.

Losing the folks you have now is NOT an option, so do some GENUINE check-in meetings to see how they’re currently feeling and dealing with the chaos around them. Ask how you can be of more support.

2. Appreciate ANY job well done.

Many people are not showing up, so it’s critical to appreciate those who do. You don’t have to “praise mediocrity” but you do have to offer a genuine thank you to those who have chosen to work their shifts. If this is tough, dig down deep and find the true gratitude within.

3. Train and mentor where THEY are.

If you don’t have time to stop work for training and mentoring staff, incorporate micro-learning into the meetings already on the schedule. Use 2-10 minutes per gathering to discuss a topic regarding professionalism, communication, and/or leadership. By the end of each quarter, you’ll have done hours worth of training without taking anyone off the floor!

It’s important to remember that just as you as a leader are facing unique stressors today, your employees are as well. Give them the appreciation and time they need so they feel valued and encouraged to continue persevering in their work. Consider how you can carve a few minutes out each day to give these quick retention strategies a shot!

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