Celebrating 10 Years of Magnet Culture

We were founded in 2012 and by our first birthday, we had created a powerful (and future-award-winning) generational keynote to help audiences navigating multiple generations in the workplace, which was and still is challenging.

In 2014, Workforce magazine in Chicago named me a “Game Changer” for our unique approach to bridging generational gaps in the workplace. Our message was truly shifting mindsets to create better leaders and better places to work.

The generational issues we addressed early on were causing intense conflict in many organizations. Yet in 2015, it became clear that the reason we needed to bridge the widening generational gaps found in the workplace was because those conflicts were causing unnecessary employee turnover.

Companies experience high turnover when managers who have the least amount of training have the most direct reports. The solution is to train managers to be effective in their roles. In 2016, we realized the problem of turnover was only getting worse and our message was truly helping organization, so we decided to expand our staff and speaking team to reach more leaders.

Our work with organizations across various industries coast to coast taught us that new hires are at the greatest risk of leaving most organizations’ – regardless of their age. And after learning more about the real reasons staff stayed and left, in 2017, we created a powerful new message called “Staying Power” that uncovered why employee turnover was increasing and what leaders could do about it! This session was created to help leaders identify which areas of their businesses needed the most attention in order to improve internal retention rates.

In 2018, we released our book Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave and How to Keep Them Longer to provide more leaders with access to our proven M.A.G.N.E.T. retention framework. After teams and leaders read this book, they are equipped to identify and take the first steps in transforming their culture to keep people longer.

In 2019, our team created a 6-month management training program that dives deep into exactly why people leave and specific strategies for keeping that talent longer. Our Workforce Retention Bootcamp helps managers better understand themselves and their workforce in order to effectively engage their teams and become Certified Retention Champions.

Building a culture able to thrive through times of crisis takes preparation. It requires an investment in teamwork, training, and trust over time. In 2020, we put into practice all that we preach to our clients by having created a great place to work over the past eight years when hard times approached.

In 2021, Magnet Culture decided to address this growing disconnect along with many other workforce challenges by creating a new (and ever-evolving) keynote, workshop, and guide. Our “Workforce Wake-up Call” message helps close the widening gap and help leaders better understand their lower-wage employees’ daily struggles and priorities in life, which often differ from the leaders’.

Training leaders is key to creating a place where people want to work. But this year, we heard from numerous organizations who realize this need and yet said not having available time was the limiting factor keeping them from training their leaders.

So, in 2022, we developed our Today’s New Leadership Essentials program to train leaders in a format that works with their busy schedules.

Now, this flexible program is allowing organizations to effectively upskill their leaders quickly while avoiding unnecessary scheduling burdens. And even though the courses are short, they’re still powerful!

One of Magnet Culture’s first clients to run a series of these classes overhauled their company’s policies based on the eye-opening leadership insights and discussions during a class. These changes are leading to an improved and retention-focused culture for all!

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