Over the past year, Magnet Culture and WeCare Connect, a leading provider of employee surveys in the U.S. and Canada, have been on a mission to truly understand the heartbeat of the new workforce. Using invaluable data from thousands of employee surveys, we’ve published almost a dozen articles sharing insights gathered directly from today’s employees. […]

Many managers believe they provide their team the support they need to thrive. However, what “support” means to you, may be very different from what your team perceives it to be. Staff leave organizations for a myriad of reasons, but one of the most often repeated complaints is “I didn’t get the support I needed.”

In any organization, the approach to problem-solving must be a collective effort that permeates every level – from executives to front-line workers. Let’s start from the top. Executives play a pivotal role in establishing a culture of problem-solving. They must ensure that supervisors are well-equipped with the necessary tools and resources to assist their teams

Navigating the sea of leadership comes with its fair share of triumphs and tribulations. But as invested leaders, let’s go ahead and ask the uncomfortable, but essential question: – Are we, inadvertently, embodying traits of bad management? At first glance, the term ‘bad management’ might elicit images of harsh, overbearing leaders, but poor management can

Excerpt from Magnet Culture’s, “Redefining Employee Retention: Embracing a New Approach to Regain Staffing Stability”. For managers, what is on fire gets their attention, which is understandable. But while managers are doing the absolute best they can to stay afloat in this chaotic situation, staff continue to leave because they don’t feel managers truly care

Excerpt from Magnet Culture’s, “Workforce Wake-Up Call: How Many Must Leave Before Retention Becomes a True Priority?” After years of helping clients retain employees, we’ve found that while everyone has a role in decreasing turnover, manager effectiveness is the key. But why aren’t managers effective? Think about everything your managers have to deal with right

As 2023 begins to wind down, a familiar staffing challenge is resurfacing for industries that are already struggling to keep front-line shifts covered. According to WeCare Connect, a leading provider of employee surveys in the U.S. and Canada, recent data shows a fundamental shift in why people are leaving for new jobs: compensation is, once

As we step into 2024, the call to reignite leadership training is louder than ever. For organizations serious about future success, this upcoming year isn’t merely another calendar flip—it’s a hallmark opportunity to take control of the leadership legacy they’re leaving. As workforce dynamics have shifted so dramatically, the moment to maximize the benefits of

Recent data from WeCare Connect, a leading provider of employee surveys in the U.S. and Canada, has spotlighted an often-overlooked aspect of employee retention: the unparalleled power of relationships. This reminds us that while the initial allure of a job might be pay, location, or company reputation – it’s the relationships formed within the organization

Are you aware that the shortest distance between two points might just be the secret weapon in winning the war for talent? In today’s evolving job market, the lure of a convenient work location has emerged as a potential game-changer! According to recent data from WeCare Connect, a leading provider of employee surveys in the

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