Does Meaningful Work Attract Talent?

Spouses stick it out in tough times because they made a commitment.

New parents endure sleepless nights to ensure their little one feels loved and secure.

And many employees will persevere through less-than-ideal circumstances when they know their work matters.

As a leader, do you ensure your employees know and understand the “why” behind what they do every day?

Humans absolutely need a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives and at work. We are beings drawn to contribute to something larger than ourselves, and without that driving force, we may find little motivation to fulfill the roles we find ourselves in. This is where disengagement occurs.

One recent study found that

  • 34% of employees quit their jobs because of “uncaring/ uninspiring” leaders
  • 31% of employees quit their jobs because of a “lack of meaningful work”

What are you doing to ensure that you are leading your people in a way that demonstrates inspiration and provides greater meaning?

A few ways to start include:

  • Communicate the big picture of how your service/products impact your customers – what’s the end user value?
  • Reemphasize your company values and the problem your company solves for people – what good do we bring to the world?
  • Develop ways for your employees to build relationships with one another – are we a team headed in the same direction?
  • Create a place where people feel cared for by leaders and one another – are we truly there for one another?

Every organization has a why. As a leader, you need to craft and share that story for your employees.

Doing so won’t completely solve your employee turnover problem, but uncovering purpose and meaning can slow that revolving door.

A mission gives human dignity to your frontline workers – Respect them by revealing the meaning in their work.

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