How Strong Are Your Managers’ Basic Leadership Skills? – Quiz

Too many managers lack the basic leadership skills that are essential to driving team success, providing quality service, and ultimately, keeping employees longer. When turnover is high everyone and everything suffers, which is why finding the root cause of the issue is so important.

Is your organization losing people and money over management issues that could be easily fixed with simple training?

Take the quiz below to assess the level of your leaders’ development:

  1. How often do your managers seek feedback from their team members?
    1. Regularly, at least once a month
    2. Occasionally, when something significant happens
    3. Rarely, only during performance evaluations
    4. Never, they don’t gather feedback from their team
  2. When communicating with their team members, do your managers actively listen and seek to understand their perspectives?
    1. Always
    2. Sometimes
    3. Rarely
    4. Never
  3. How do your managers encourage collaboration and cooperation among their team members?
    1. Encourage open communication and foster teamwork through team-building activities
    2. Assign tasks based on individual performance and never allow for collaboration
    3. Ignore team dynamics and let them work things out on their own
    4. Pit team members against each other to foster competition
  4. How do your managers handle conflicts among team members?
    1. Facilitate open communication and encourage team members to work together to find a solution
    2. Ignore the conflict and hope it resolves itself
    3. Take sides and make a decision that benefits one team member over the other
    4. Dismiss the conflict as unimportant and move on
  5. When interacting with a team member, do your managers try to understand their employee’s emotional state and respond appropriately?
    1. Always
    2. Sometimes
    3. Rarely
    4. Never

Scoring: Give yourself 3 points for every (a) answer, 2 points for every (b) answer, 1 point for every (c) answer, and 0 points for every (d) answer.


  • Score of 12-15: Congratulations, your managers have strong leadership skills in communication, feedback, team building, and emotional intelligence!
  • Score of 8-11: Your managers are demonstrating good leadership skills in some areas, but there is room for improvement. Consider focusing on developing these skills to make your leaders more effective.
  • Score of 4-7: It’s time to have your managers work on their leadership skills in communication, feedback, team building, and emotional intelligence. Identify areas for improvement and start investing in their development as leaders.
  • Score of 0-3: There is significant room for improvement in your managers’ leadership skills. Consider seeking out training or coaching to develop these essential skills.

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Written by Magnet Culture in collaboration with ChatGPT.

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