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Becoming a Team of Retention Champions

When employee turnover seems never-ending, it negatively affects everyone on staff and keeps organizations from building cohesive teams. As many organizations remain consistently understaffed, it becomes vital that everyone plays a part in improving retention. Doing so means less stress and more restful sleep at night for all!

In this keynote, a Magnet Culture Workforce Thought Leader will energize and empower your entire team to reduce “us vs. them” conflicts at work. Participants will leave this powerful, engaging session with a renewed sense of commitment to the organization and ownership in the retention solution. Our people are our greatest retention advocates, so let’s all attract others onto our teams, instead of repelling the talent we can’t afford to lose.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore ways to reduce negative critical judgment of others
  • Learn individual strategies from our M.A.G.N.E.T. framework to create a better work environment
  • Become a magnetic Retention Champion who helps reduce team turnover

Designed for audiences of all levels and ages, although senior leadership and managers are best!

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