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It’s Not About Birth Year

The Evolution of Employees from A to GenZ

Instead of fueling the “us versus them” fire on your team, it’s time to dispel myths about younger workers’ perceived lack of work ethic and loyalty. Magnet Culture’s award-winning generational lens provides valuable insights to navigate key challenges and opportunities presented by today’s new workforce. We’ll uncover the “why” behind the unique mindsets of Boomers, GenX, Millennials, and GenZ by exploring the impact of their upbringing.

This eye-opening program will shift your mindset to better understand and appreciate those around you, personally and professionally, and help future-proof your organization. It’s time to create a workplace that more effectively manages multi-generational teams, as one-size leadership styles no longer fit all.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the updated generational cohorts and learn why their definitions of “professionalism” vary
  • Learn how to see different points of view to reduce judgment and improve team relationships
  • Understand leaders’ critical role of providing clear and supportive guidance for staff, especially new hires

Designed for audiences of all levels and ages, although senior leadership and managers are best!

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