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Workforce Wake-Up Call

It's Time to Operationalize Turnover

As pensions have disappeared, the long-term employee commitment has shifted to a shorter-term stay. 

While organizations can reduce employee turnover, they cannot eliminate it, which means staffing challenges caused by employee turnover are here to stay. Due to this new reality, it’s time for leaders to rethink staffing stability and set realistic goals, budgets, and business models around the unavoidable turnover. The best way to increase employee retention moving forward is to plan for, and adjust, current operations to better manage forecasted levels of employee turnover. This reduces the shock and business disruption from staff departures.

In this keynote, a Magnet Culture Workforce Thought Leader will explore strategies for operationalizing turnover so your organization can become a well-oiled machine that maximizes the time you have with each new employee to meet your company’s goals and customer expectations.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the latest workforce developments as we unveil our “State of the Workforce” address
  • Increase operational efficiency by planning and implementing strategies to reduce and embrace turnover
  • Determine ways to keep people longer, enhance productivity, and improve profitability

Designed for HR leaders and executives.

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