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Here’s how organizations that have worked with us have completely turned around their company’s workforce retention.

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Kristine Mellgren, SHRM-SCP

HR Director at Trinity Terrace

Jordyn Langley, SHRM-CP, PHR

HR Director at Lochmueller Group

Steve Nee

 I wholeheartedly recommend Magnet Culture to any organization that is looking for an effective HR speaker or partner. 

Live Event Attendee

The next session wasn’t for 45 minutes; I wish we could’ve heard Alayna talk until then. I could listen to her talk about this topic for longer!

Diversicare Extreme Ownership Conference 2024 Attendee

Shelonda’s session was jampacked with energy, laughs, and immediate takeaways for me to implement as a leader. She reminded me that I have the most influence over each person I lead and can be the key ingredient of whether they choose to stay or to go.

Michael Sauer

I appreciate that Cara and her trainers get right down to business. A lot of webinars I attend are full of “fluff,” but this was very practical and content-heavy.

Al Cornish

Magnet Culture’s no non-sense approach to employee retention is both refreshing and realistic. Their strategies identify some very simple, realistic and cost-effective approaches that an employer can execute today to attract and retain their talent.

Leadership Development Case Study

Pacific Retirement Community (PRS) is a national senior living organization
providing exceptional care to residents in 12 life plan communities across six states.

“It’s not what we’re hearing, it’s what we’re seeing. It’s like we have all new managers walking down the hall.”

PRS Administrator when asked “what are you hearing” after completion of Bootcamp

As PRS continued expanding their locations over the past decade, they identified a gap between where their managers’ skills were versus where they needed to be. While great, talented people were in these positions, not everyone had been given the tools they needed to be successful in their leadership roles and some teams were not collaborating effectively. Magnet Culture partnered with PRS to begin building stronger leaders and teams at every level of the organization across their multiple locations.

  • Reinforcement & Leadership Skill-Building

    Reinforcement & Leadership Skill-Building

    Since the initial Bootcamp training, Magnet Culture has been repeatedly asked back to various communities to provide reinforcement of our training content and lead new skill-building workshops to help managers add the necessary tools to their leadership toolbelt and build trust within their teams.

  • Workforce Retention Bootcamp

    Workforce Retention Bootcamp

    After piloting the 6-month Bootcamp at one location for a group of leaders, PRS mandated the program be held in each location to get community leaders on the same page and help them understand today’s new workforce. The group learned valuable strategies about how to be better leaders themselves as well as how to create a place where people want to work in order to keep the talent they couldn’t afford to lose.

  • Behavioral and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessments

    Behavioral and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessments

    In order to better understand themselves and their team members, Magnet Culture conducted behavioral and EQ assessments with the PRS leaders. These individual and team reports along with the training sessions to debrief the leaders brought new perspectives helping them learn to value every contribution from others, even when those around them don’t show up the same way the leader does at work each day.

  • Keynote at the Annual Leadership Summit

    Keynote at the Annual Leadership Summit

    After seeing Cara’s presentation at a national senior living conference, PRS brought Cara to California to keynote their Annual Leadership Summit, where she dove into the evolution of today’s workforce and addressed the ever-changing generational dynamics within the organization. Cara also spent several hours that day walking the PRS HR leaders through the M.A.G.N.E.T. framework for retention success.

PRS shows a commitment to their employees and leaders through continued investment in professional development and retention-focused initiatives. Today, PRS is positioned to better attract and retain talent by keeping their finger on the pulse of the ever-changing workforce and their future new hires.

With Magnet Culture training, you can:

  • Stop losing great employees.
  • Extend the tenure of every new hire.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and morale.
  • Improve your employer brand in the community to attract high-level talent.
  • Improve quality, productivity and profitability.
  • Maximize the time you have with each staff member.

Enhancing Company Culture Case Study

Lochmueller Group is a regional engineering firm with an emphasis
on planning and designing state and local infrastructure improvements.

“We have made great strides to recognize that people receive information differently; they perceive information differently. Our group is now open to ‘how can I do better?’ and ‘what can I change about my approach that will drive better results?’”

Lochmueller Group

Lochmueller Group faced several challenges in maintaining a positive workplace culture, ensuring employee satisfaction, establishing effective company-wide communication, and navigating a multi-generational workforce. These obstacles posed difficulties in both attracting and retaining top-tier talent. Magnet Culture stepped in with three programs at a pivotal moment with the essentials necessary to address these challenges from a top down approach.

  • Senior Leader Retreat 

    Senior Leader Retreat 

    Lochmueller’s top executives and leaders gathered for a Senior Leader Retreat led by Cara Silletto. Their main focus was on addressing generational differences, preserving their positive company culture, and implementing effective strategies to attract and retain top talent.

  • Workforce Retention Bootcamp

    Workforce Retention Bootcamp

    Lochmueller’s middle managers then completed the 8-part Workforce Retention Bootcamp to address the changes in the employment market, develop a better understanding of employee behavioral styles and motivators, and improve communication to become better bosses. They used this new knowledge to develop action plans and build an attraction culture in their workplace.

  • Behavior Assessments

    Behavior Assessments

    Lochmueller provided DISC assessments and training to their senior leaders and managers to better understand their own styles, identify the various styles of others, and, most importantly, learn when and how to adjust their approach to more effectively lead their teams. Managers then requested that all staff complete the assessments to enhance team-building efforts.

Positive company culture is an ongoing company-wide effort that takes intentionality from leadership. Today, Lochmueller’s leaders are better prepared to lead their employees more effectively and incubate a positive company culture. They are now equipped with the tools to adapt to the ever-changing workforce.

“Lochmueller Group is a place where people want to work.”

Magnet Culture training gives you the tools to:

  • Improve company culture and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Build better managers at every level with adapted leadership styles.
  • Ignite an organization-wide leadership mindset focused on growth and improvement.
  • Cultivate effective communication across the organization and departments.
  • Get your leaders and managers on the same page with consistent priorities.
  • Successfully navigate through leadership transition and times of change.

The key to a successful retention strategy is just a call away.

Outstanding speakers and trainers, plus a talented behind-the-scenes team, ensure a successful program…every time!

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