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Alayna Thomas, MS, PHR

Retention Strategist

The scenario is all too familiar and utterly disappointing: attendees walking away from an event discouraged after hearing outdated, ineffective retention strategies.

What you want is a visionary – a speaker or trainer armed with forward-thinking strategies, who not only tracks but stays ahead of the evolving workforce, the next big tech wave, and the shifting expectations of today’s employees.

It’s the dawn of a new era in workforce strategy, one that calls for the unique insights of a wise-beyond-her-years, GenZ professional.

Meet Alayna Thomas – A Magnet Culture Retention Strategist whose acumen for today’s workplace dynamics is as instinctive as it is insightful. She empowers companies to shatter the old paradigms, make bold moves, and harness the innovative retention strategies that Magnet Culture is celebrated for.

Both highly credentialed and a representative of the new workforce herself, Alayna is dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring she provides the most effective turnover solutions.

  • Former HR Director
  • Masters in Management
  • Teaches HR at the University of Texas at Dallas
  • Current HR Consultant and Trainer
  • Professional in Human Resources Designation from HRCI

What Clients Say About Alayna

  • Brava! So poised, confident, engaging, and relevant!

    LinkedIn Connection

  • The next session wasn’t for 45 minutes; I wish we could’ve heard Alayna talk until then. I could listen to her talk about this topic for longer!

    Live Event Attendee

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