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Shelonda Darling

Senior Retention Strategist

Let’s face it, the speaker or trainer at the front of the room can either launch your event to stellar heights or let it fall flat.

You deserve someone at the helm who doesn’t just understand the new workforce landscape, but someone who brings that spark — that ‘wow factor’ combining enlightenment with entertainment to keep every attendee on the edge of their seat.

Discover Shelonda Darling, a workforce retention speaker and trainer who blends rich narratives, wit, and razor-sharp insights that resonate across every sector.

As a Senior Retention Strategist at Magnet Culture, Shelonda is a seasoned expert dedicated to reducing the churn of employee turnover and fostering a culture where people aren’t just filling seats, they’re fueling success. She crafts and delivers a message that does more than just reach your team—it revitalizes them, sparks their drive, and hands them the power to lift your organization to new heights.

With Magnet Culture’s proven, prize-winning strategies, Shelonda stands on the cutting edge, guiding businesses through the mayhem of turnover to a place where stability is the norm, and growth is the goal.

  • She has used her expertise in a variety of corporate teams: Training and Development, Employee Engagement, HR Communications, and Corporate Communications.
  • As the youngest GenXer, she sits in the sweet spot for bridging the generational gaps because she can speak to both the expectations of traditional managers and the evolved expectations of today’s new workforce.

What Clients Say about Shelonda

  • Shelonda exceeded all expectations. Our attendees loved her unique blend of humility, wit, and charm, paired with her wisdom of how we, as leaders, can better drive employee retention and engagement. Her message was on point! 

    Steve Nee

    Diversicare Healthcare Services
  • Shelonda’s session was jampacked with energy, laughs, and immediate takeaways for me to implement as a leader. She reminded me that I have the most influence over each person I lead and can be the key ingredient of whether they choose to stay or to go.

    Diversicare Extreme Ownership Conference 2024 Attendee

  • Shelonda’s presence, passion and investment in people are undeniable and greatly appreciated. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and welcoming to anyone stepping into one of our events.

    Sr. Training Specialist

  • I have been with this company for 11 years and have had countless hours of training. Your training was the best training I have ever been in.

    Event Attendee

  • Her delivery could start a revolution.

    Director of HR

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