• Brava! So poised, confident, engaging, and relevant!

    LinkedIn Connection

  •  I wholeheartedly recommend Magnet Culture to any organization that is looking for an effective HR speaker or partner. 

    Steve Nee

    Diversicare Healthcare Services
  • Shelonda exceeded all expectations. Our attendees loved her unique blend of humility, wit, and charm, paired with her wisdom of how we, as leaders, can better drive employee retention and engagement. Her message was on point! 

    Steve Nee

    Diversicare Healthcare Services
  • The next session wasn’t for 45 minutes; I wish we could’ve heard Alayna talk until then. I could listen to her talk about this topic for longer!

    Live Event Attendee

  • Shelonda’s session was jampacked with energy, laughs, and immediate takeaways for me to implement as a leader. She reminded me that I have the most influence over each person I lead and can be the key ingredient of whether they choose to stay or to go.

    Diversicare Extreme Ownership Conference 2024 Attendee

  • Working with Cara has been an engaging journey towards unlocking the best practices to navigate today’s diverse workforce. Learning to understand the dynamics between different generations is crucial, and this training provided invaluable insights and strategies. Cara used interactive and realistic examples, to illustrate how to bridge generational gaps and leverage the strengths of each cohort to foster collaboration and innovation.

    One of the most impactful aspects of the training was learning how to recognize and appreciate the diversity of thought that each generation brings to the table.  By understanding the motivations and expectations of each group, I was able to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of experiences that shape workplace interactions. Cara has a relatable delivery with a real-world perspective. Her knowledge and experience provide credibility and depth. Cara took the time to learn about our organization and culture to ensure that she was in tune with our leadership. Overall the training was meaningful and left our leaders with some usable resources to work with their department teams.

    Nancy Steigmeyer

    Allen County, IN
    Human Resources Director, MSOL
  • I appreciate that Cara and her trainers get right down to business. A lot of webinars I attend are full of “fluff,” but this was very practical and content-heavy.

    Michael Sauer

    Visit Cincy
    Director of Convention Services
  • Cara’s profound understanding of workplace culture, combined with her actionable advice, makes her an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to enhance their organizational dynamics.

    Cara’s expertise in workplace culture is truly remarkable. She offers a wide range of services that span every facet of a company, from managers to executives, with the goal of reducing turnover and retaining employees.

    What struck me most about Cara’s presentation was the practicality and actionability of her tips and strategies. She not only imparts valuable insights but also generously shares her wealth of knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend Cara as both a speaker and a consultant.

    Dr. Sharon Grossman

    Grossman Consulting
  • Over the years, Cara has transformed the mindset of our members, many of whom were a bit “set” in their ways (not surprising for concrete people!). Our leaders now realize staff aren’t just leaving for “a buck more an hour,” and that they must make the necessary changes to become more attractive employers.

    Together, she and I are on a mission to make the concrete industry an employer of choice, not just a job!

    Alan Sparkman

    Tennessee Concrete Association
    Executive Director
  • We heard NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS about Carrie’s session.

    Kansas Team

  • Megan had us LOCKED IN from start to finish.


    LeadingAge Conference
  • After Megan’s session, I now have A GAME PLAN.


  • Courtney has the “IT” factor that draws people in which makes her a PHENOMENALLY PERSUASIVE SPEAKER & TRAINER

    Debra Hunter Johnson

  • Shelonda’s presence, passion and investment in people are undeniable and greatly appreciated. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and welcoming to anyone stepping into one of our events.

    Sr. Training Specialist

  • I have been with this company for 11 years and have had countless hours of training. Your training was the best training I have ever been in.

    Event Attendee

  • Her delivery could start a revolution.

    Director of HR

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