How to find good employees

My team of expert employee retention trainers gets asked all the time for more recruiting strategies and how to “find and hire better people.”

Want to know THE BEST recruiting strategy?


Let me explain…

When we focus INWARD first (a.k.a. look in the mirror) and determine ways to become a truly better employer, we keep more staff in place. When we become better bosses and build a better place to work, thus keeping more of our talent, we 1) do not have to recruit as many replacements, 2) get more employee referrals from happy staff telling friends and family, and 3) have a stronger employer brand and reputation in our community which brings in more applicants.

We realize there aren’t enough people applying for most open jobs today, which begs the question about how to recruit more effectively. But I have to be honest…when we dig deeper to learn more about each organization that calls us for help, we typically find these things: leaders haven’t been trained properly to manage others; workloads are out of whack from what should be considered realistic expectations; and/or there is little to no onboarding beyond a compliance checklist because managers who are supposed to onboard new hires have to “do more with less” and “we need them on the floor NOW.”

If ANY of these are happening within your organization, people likely aren’t applying because no one is touting how great of a place it is to work. They’re instead complaining about the above issues (and so many more).

Look INTERNALLY first, my friends.

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